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Will You Be My Valentine?

vday2.jpg vday1.jpg

Valentines happen to be one of my favorite cards.  I think they’re nostalgic for me.  I just remember as a little girl making my valentines day bag in class, cutting paper hearts and creating a masterful creation {of course} and signing my name and posting it up on the wall {alphabetical order} and delighting on Valentines day going through all the “you’re cool” “stay sweet” and the occassional “i like you” card with some cartoon character featured prominently on the card.  Well, I’ve created a few post card valentines that you can send to your sweetie, soon to be sweetie, or friends and family you love.  Besides… who doesn’t want to be loved.  Like these cards? Visit the shop

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PSC loves the holiday’s and while we enjoy a sugar cookie and some eggnog, we’re fast at work coming up with sentiments of love. Yep, that’s right…we’re creating valentines day cards. Sure we could probably wait until January but we want them up in the shop ready for you by then. I’m excited because I’ve created some valentines day post cards and our take on those valentines you would give in elementary school. These have some nostalgia but are just sweet and fun. Should I give you a sneak peek? Maybe in the coming weeks stay tuned.

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