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I love this photo.  I love when magazines style pictures like this and move away from that oh so traditional pose for showing off the season’s  wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses.  Don’t you wish you were there? 


Enjoy and have a good weekend everyone!

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I’m in love with everything that Russell + Hazel creates.  Of course I can’t buy everything but as I’m working to reorganize my office and catalog some old files here’s a few things I have my eyes on.

Classic Magazine Collector would be perfect for the Domino, InStyle and other magazines that have started to overcome my office space.

Collator for the quick access files for my summer collection, web-redesign and other custom projects.  Plus I love that its collapsable.

I need to add a few of these Paper Pockets to my current idea binder.

I wish these Notebook Jacket’s weren’t sold out.

I’ll take some of these field books for when something in a store, magazine, book inspires an idea.

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Think about the pictures of  invitations you see in magazines or that you have received and have you ever taken a look at the fonts?  Sure to you it may be a lovely script or cool looking font but believe it or not theses swirls and curls are designed to evoke emotion, set a tone or create a mood. No font does this better than the font on my “I want this” list than the Feel Script.

Most fonts can make a basic invitation more formal, casual, or fun but also fonts are designed to be engaging, and excite you to come celebrate. Here at PSC we love fonts and love to mix and match fonts and use them in different ways so that even a simple invite can look totally creative.  Here’s a look at our favorite font of the moment.

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