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It’s true, I can’t resist cookbooks and ones that involve baking take a lot of will and strength to not purchase.  This cookbook looks like it can produce a bunch of delicious recipes.  Check it out.

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I remember reading a feature about this bakery  a few years ago and loving the concept of their bakery especially since I know a few people who would finally be able to enjoy all the sweet treats without compromising their diets or deal with allergic reactions.  Then I saw  their brownies featured on Martha Stewart and now there is a cookbook and it’s on my list.

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While these were designed to decorate the tree, I don’t think they’ll make it there.  Here’s the recipe for you to try.

{image and recipe discovered here and here }

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I remember watching Martha Steward a year or two ago and seeing the owner of Baked on the show featuring their red-hot red velvet cake for Valentines day.  Immediately after that show I visited the website and was so glad I didn’t live near them or I would have made multiple visits to their bakery.  Well, Baked has a new cookbook called Baked: New Frontiers in Baking.  Full of wonderful recipes, it’s the perfect gift for that friend of yours who loves baking.

Like you need more pictures of sweets here are some other lovely sweet things…

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 I love Red Velvet cake. It is one of my favorite cakes.  Ok, who am I kidding, I haven’t run into a cake I didn’t like.  I usually make red velvet cake around the holidays or for special request, but after seeing this mini confections of goodness I wondered why don’t I make this cake more often?  Plus these mini versions make it easy to make for dinner parties, birthday dinners etc.   Enjoy!  


{image and recipe discovered here}

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I have to admit, this cake does look a little ambitious but worth the try.  This is a perfect cake to do for a birthday party.  Who doesn’t like a little ice cream and cake?

{image via joy the baker}

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Every year around the holiday’s my Mother makes a delicious rum cake that disappears after a day. When I saw this recipe, I thought what could be better than this sinfully delicious treat?  Who needs a holiday to make one of these? I’m sure it will give my mother’s rum cake a run for it’s money.

{image and recipe from Joy The Baker}

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