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Bookclub: High Style


I saw this book over the weekend and just enjoyed what I saw and thought you might like it too.  It’s definitely a coffee table book and perfect for friends who want to live in High Style.

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When I saw these truly lovely photos of dessert tables by Amy Atlas, I was overwhelmed by all the delicious eye candy {pun intended}.  All I can say is take a look at these photos and check out her website.  You will truly be inspired.

{discovered here}

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I would love to see this photo  recreated for a bridal party photo.

{image via FFFFound}

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If you’re in love with the art of calligraphy like me, wouldn’t this excite you just a little bit?  Well-known calligrapher Bernard Maisner, has these oh so lovely umbrellas full of beautiful handwriting. 

{images from Bernard Maisner website}

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I want this

If you’re like me, you’re office is full of little things that need safe keeping.  These Jane Marvel Pouch Sets, will work.  They’re stylish, eco friendly and perfect to hold those things that sometimes are hard to store  or because you need quick access. 

PS.  These would make great gifts for office mates, someone starting a new business, or to give to yourself because you’re such a hard worker 🙂

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