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I’m in love with a pattern, it doesn’t matter how simple or ornate, I love it!  When I saw the packaging by Petite France I did swoon just a bit.  I love the simplicity of the black lettering on a white bag but then when its turned to the side it reveales a fun and playful pattern. 

{photo and packaging discovered here *one of my primary sources for inspiration}

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Yesterday I talked a little about MOR cosmetics and their oh so lovely packaging.  Well if I was buying anything off packaging alone it would be MOR cosmetics but luckily their products are great too.   When I see all their products it makes me want to have a vanity with vintage perfume bottles and such surrounded by  all their lovely products.  Here are some packaging favorites.




{see and shop for yourself  here}

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at the moment with hand lettering, illustration and packaging.  I think its the holidays and me brainstorming ideas for some handmade holiday cards.   Isn’t this a conversation starter? 


Now do you see why I’m a little obsessed, I would love to be able to create something lovely like this.

{discovered here }

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