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I’m in love with a pattern, it doesn’t matter how simple or ornate, I love it!  When I saw the packaging by Petite France I did swoon just a bit.  I love the simplicity of the black lettering on a white bag but then when its turned to the side it reveales a fun and playful pattern. 

{photo and packaging discovered here *one of my primary sources for inspiration}

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I know, that it’s only October so who’s thinking about 2009 when there is plenty of 2008 to enjoy?  I have been overwhelmed by the collections of calendars making their appearance in catalogs, stores and my blog reader that I just had to share a few that I’m looking to hang on my walls.

One of my all-time favorites comes from J Hill Design.  The Places I Have Never Been calendar.  Each year is filled with new locations and the designs are bold and colorful patterns that are perfect wall art.


There are plenty of other calendars, I’ll feature over the coming weeks so there is more to come.

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I’ll admit, I love something that is nicely packaged.  The product itself could be bad and I will love it all because of the packaging.  I’ve noticed more and more when I’m in the mall or stores, that I get stopped in my tracks by good packaging.  Of course for PSC, trying to determine how to package these paper goodies has become a test of trial and error.  While I think I’ve almost got it figured out… I see how someone packages their product and I’m back to square one…  If you’re having this similar issue please share your thoughts.  I’m also open to anyone willing to share their own mantras and rules for packaging their products.    Until I figure out my packaging… enjoy this mosaic of packaging loveliness.



{images found here and here }

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While these Kobo Natural Soy candles are wonderful, I’m inspiried and in love with the packaging design.

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