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when you love paper like I do, something like this, will always get you excited.


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From patterns to florals a new inspiration source for me is vintage wallpaper like this:



There is plenty of resources out there for inspiration, and it can be used in so many different ways from envelope liners like these or on the back of a party invitation like this.

If you need more ideas on how to use wallpaper in your home with stationery etc.,  this book, which has been  featured on a series of blogs, is the perfect resource for all types of creative uses and projects for wallpaper. 


If  you’re ready to create some goods of your own visit this place for some great vintage wallpaper and then have fun.

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In the age of smart phones {especially the new iphone} its easy to place all your contacts information in your phone.  Even with the smart phone, I still love a lovely address book and these from Echo Design are just so lovely.  While a smart phone is oh so helpful, I still delight in having an address book too.

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While this wallpaper would look great in a room, couldn’t you see it on a note card or as the backing to a fun invitation. 

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I’m a bit addicted to my blog reader and spend the day sifting through wonderful blogs and was delighted to see these lovely blooms from Linda and Harriett.  I love that these have push pins on the other end.  They can serve as great wall decoration on an inspiration bulletin board. If you are feeling like tackling a DIY project these would be perfect for decration at a party or invitation.

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Wine Wrap

When you go to your next dinner party with a lovely bottle of wine in hand dress it up using this gift wrap kit.  This would also be great if you’re hosting an event and would like to add some decorative flair to your party decor. 

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Ok, these, are so lovely.  I love the memo plates and cups.   What a sweet twist using classic notebook or graph paper as plates.

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Don’t you think these fabulous cupcake liners would be perfect decor detail for yummy cupcakes at  a summer BBQ?  I think so too.

{via frolic}

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I love composition books.  At the beginning of the school year I buy them in stacks and then use them for business purposes.  Storying ideas, sketches or random thoughts.  When I noticed these composition books from urban outfitters {via print and pattern} I wanted to use these composition books and fill them with lovely ideas especially since recently new ideas for PSC seems to hit me on a daily basis.

Also… these LP Record journals of classic albums is also a great way to keep track of ideas too plus who can say they have a album for a journal?  Some of the LP titles are Glenn Campbell’s “Rhinestone Cowboy”; The best of Bread and many more.

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When planning a wedding, birthday party or any type of celebration it is always important to think about a theme.  Themes guide how the party is designed and gives your event a cohesive look.  There are plenty of wonderful blogs that provide insight into planning any event and many of those blogs and even event planners will tell you the create an inspiration board.  Well, when it comes to creating custom invitations for your event, an inspiration board can go a long way.  When we’re designing invitations for any event we want to know if there is a theme, a mood, tone you would like to set with your event.  We too, have loads of questions and we too can be guided by pictures that inspire you.  As you plan even regardless of the event, think about the things that inspire your theme and share those with us.  

{inspiration boards created by psc-top “white hot bridal shower” ; “Harlow”; “Black,White&Chic”}

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