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Ok, I’ll be honest.  When I saw these pictures on one of  my fave blogs.  I thought if I saw this on the shelf I’d put it in my basket just on the packaging alone, and I’d hope the products would be good.  It’s ok, I know you’d do the same thing too.  It will be our little secret.


{ discovered and photo from here}

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I’m in love with packaging of Lucia Soaps.  The patterns are wonderful and give the product a personality that matches the scent of each soap.  On a stationery design tip, wouldn’t these patterns be perfect to use as the background to an announcement or invitation?  Maybe as the back of a personalized notecard. 

{discovered here and here}

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I’m in love with a pattern, it doesn’t matter how simple or ornate, I love it!  When I saw the packaging by Petite France I did swoon just a bit.  I love the simplicity of the black lettering on a white bag but then when its turned to the side it reveales a fun and playful pattern. 

{photo and packaging discovered here *one of my primary sources for inspiration}

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While these Kobo Natural Soy candles are wonderful, I’m inspiried and in love with the packaging design.

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