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The Rolodex


I know that in the days of iPhones and blackberry’s I should be content to store all my contact info on my own smart phone but there is something about a lovely rolodex.  I would love to have these on my desk. This one is my favorite.

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Can’t Get Enough Of…

These Cupcake Bowls.  If’ you’ve read my blogs, you know I love cupcakes and thes oh so cute bowls continue that indulgence plus they’re great for storage.  New colors have just been introduced Check them out.

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I love anything fun and different for the office.  When I stumbled upon these at See Jane Work, I had to add this to my list.  These oh so creative paper clips add a  little flair to the documents resting on your desk.

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I want this

If you’re like me, you’re office is full of little things that need safe keeping.  These Jane Marvel Pouch Sets, will work.  They’re stylish, eco friendly and perfect to hold those things that sometimes are hard to store  or because you need quick access. 

PS.  These would make great gifts for office mates, someone starting a new business, or to give to yourself because you’re such a hard worker 🙂

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I’m in love with everything that Russell + Hazel creates.  Of course I can’t buy everything but as I’m working to reorganize my office and catalog some old files here’s a few things I have my eyes on.

Classic Magazine Collector would be perfect for the Domino, InStyle and other magazines that have started to overcome my office space.

Collator for the quick access files for my summer collection, web-redesign and other custom projects.  Plus I love that its collapsable.

I need to add a few of these Paper Pockets to my current idea binder.

I wish these Notebook Jacket’s weren’t sold out.

I’ll take some of these field books for when something in a store, magazine, book inspires an idea.

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