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Bookclub-Valentino a Grand Italian Epic

I love all things fashion and I’m often inspired by the creative visions of well-known designers from their choices of color, pattern and how they create such fabulous attire.  When I stumbled upon this book Valentino: A Grand Italian Epic, I thought this would be a book I’d love to have on my coffee table for endless amounts of inspiration.

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From patterns to florals a new inspiration source for me is vintage wallpaper like this:



There is plenty of resources out there for inspiration, and it can be used in so many different ways from envelope liners like these or on the back of a party invitation like this.

If you need more ideas on how to use wallpaper in your home with stationery etc.,  this book, which has been  featured on a series of blogs, is the perfect resource for all types of creative uses and projects for wallpaper. 


If  you’re ready to create some goods of your own visit this place for some great vintage wallpaper and then have fun.

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I know you’re never suppose to judge a book by its cover but who says you can use that cover for inspiration.  I love this site it’s such a wonderful resource for design inspiration.  Check it out and be inspired.

{image from here}

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While they are perfect to use at weddings, these are also another excellent resource for design. You could use the design concept from a tea tin for belly band, invitations or place cards. Here are a few to get your ideas flowing.



{source here}

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I’m in love with packaging of Lucia Soaps.  The patterns are wonderful and give the product a personality that matches the scent of each soap.  On a stationery design tip, wouldn’t these patterns be perfect to use as the background to an announcement or invitation?  Maybe as the back of a personalized notecard. 

{discovered here and here}

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I saw the strikingly beautiful photo of Jennifer Behur headpiece and was immediately inspired and created this board.  Enjoy.



{details:  Cake girls, Elisabeth Messina, Jennifer Behur, Zinke Design Blog, Jenny Yoo, Rebecca Thuss}

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I love good and creative packaging.  When I saw the packaging design for This Water,  I loved the simplicity of the design but also how creative it was with the mix of text and graphic images.  Now I’m no expert on packaging design but I will say if I saw this product on the shelf in my local grocery store, I couldn’t help but make a purchase.

{discovered here}

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