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Really there is nothing else to say just enjoy this lovely font.


{image and font found here }

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This lovely font is full of charm.  I think it would be perfect for a garden inspired wedding or shower.


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There is something that is so charming about this font.


{discovered here}

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Font Love: Bree

I love the fun whimsy of this font.

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Font Crush

Its been busy at People St. Clair.  We’ve been working on a summer collection and we’re so excited about the new and lovely things we’ll be adding to the shoppe.  Until then here is a new font crush and this font would be perfect for a party invite.  I may have to use it for a few parties coming up for summer.

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Hello All, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted there’s a lot going on.  Before I talk about what’s going on, I have a new font that I’m currently in love with and have dreamed up ways I can use it in my designs.  Its called Confection, and it is as sweet as it looks.

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Think about the pictures of  invitations you see in magazines or that you have received and have you ever taken a look at the fonts?  Sure to you it may be a lovely script or cool looking font but believe it or not theses swirls and curls are designed to evoke emotion, set a tone or create a mood. No font does this better than the font on my “I want this” list than the Feel Script.

Most fonts can make a basic invitation more formal, casual, or fun but also fonts are designed to be engaging, and excite you to come celebrate. Here at PSC we love fonts and love to mix and match fonts and use them in different ways so that even a simple invite can look totally creative.  Here’s a look at our favorite font of the moment.

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