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Bookclub-Valentino a Grand Italian Epic

I love all things fashion and I’m often inspired by the creative visions of well-known designers from their choices of color, pattern and how they create such fabulous attire.  When I stumbled upon this book Valentino: A Grand Italian Epic, I thought this would be a book I’d love to have on my coffee table for endless amounts of inspiration.


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I was thumbing through the Destination Weddings and Honeymoon’s magazine and they were talking about finding the perfect wedding dress to match not just your style but your wedding location and I fell in love with the illustrations that I had to do a google search and discovered I love the work of Megan Hess.  After looking through the images I realized I’ve seen a lot of these illustrations in some of my other favorite publications.  Here are some favorite illustrations.

{all images come from Megan Hess website}

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Bookclub: Deluxe

I first read about this book, Deluxe How Luxury Lost its Luster, through the blog Toast and Tables. I added it to my long list of books to read well I’ve finally started reading it and have liked what I’ve read.  It is full of insight on well known luxury fashion labels.  

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I would love to see this photo  recreated for a bridal party photo.

{image via FFFFound}

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The cover alone makes me want to read this book.  This would be a perfect for your coffee table, for countless inspiration and a wonderful gift for your fashionista friends.

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When it comes to creating stationery, all types of things can inspire ideas.  Sometimes it’s a color combination, a piece of clothing or picture.  All of these things can easily inspire me to design or spark and idea that forces me to re-think some of the products I’ve designed.  Here’s my inspiration, what’s yours?  If you feel like sharing photos of inspiration please do!

Allow these pictures to inspire you but discover what around you sparks inspiration for you to do what you do even better.

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