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I love creating things and doing all types of crafts.  Unfortunately I don’t have the time to do all the crafts on my list or starred in my reader.  When I saw this book, I was so excited to have a book filled with little things I could create and add my style too.  You may feel the same, check it out here.


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I saw this lovely little Valentine  here as the Freebie of the Day and thought how this would make such a great Valentine for friends.  It’s unexpected, creative and fun.  If you’re feeling extra crafty you could create your own template or make  one that any kid can share with classmates.  To go beyond Valentines day, this would be a lovely little item for a shower or birthday party too.  To create some valentines of your own visit here.

{image from martha stewart}

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Now many of you may have your tree up and glowing bright, but if you don’t and you need a creative way to decorate your tree, try these Paper Flower Ornaments. You can use a variety of color papers or identify a mix of patterns that you like and before you know it, you have a decorated tree.

{discovered here }

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