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Ok, the Holidays may be over, but that does’t mean delicious desserts like the Grand Raspberry Trifle cannot be made.  I love a trifle and this would be perfect for a dinner party with friends or maybe even for a New Year’s celebration.

{recipe and photo found here}

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First I have to say, I know I know I’ve neglected this blog but it is due to being a bit busy not because I don’t have anything to post.  Today, I discovered this delicious and ingenious bread pudding recipe.  I believe my Dad makes the best bread pudding hands down, but what I like about this recipe is that you can make it in muffin tins.  Imagine serving this for dessert at a dinner party, the muffin tin makes it so much easier to individualize and it looks far prettier too {in terms of presentation}.  If your a skilled baker, I’m sure you could adapt your favorite bread pudding recipe so it too can be made in muffin tins.




{recipe discovered here via here, images from here }

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Sweet Treats

One thing we love at People St. Clair  are sweets.   Yes, we’re junkies for cupcakes, cakes and cookies {plus my dad’s peach cobbler}, which is why I had to share these deliciously yummy cookbooks  for you to add to your collection.  We’ll be adding them to ours!

The Essential Chocolate Chip Cookbook, is filled with pages of delectable chocolate chip recipes that you could easily make and serve at countless parties and gatherings.

I’ve blogged about this cookbook, Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey on my other blogs that I had to share how deliciouly yummy EVERYTHING in this cookbook.

This cookbook is called the Best Bake Sale Ever cookbook.  I think that pretty much sums it up.

One thing I love is cake and while I’ve made few cakes from scratch it is a lot of work with my only reward is tasting everything as I cook.  Well, this cookbook Cakes from Scratch Half the Time, I will definitely be checking out.

Happy baking and tasting everyone!

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