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Bookclub: Hue

Here’s a book I’m looking forward to checking out.


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I just learned that one of my favorite magazines, Domino, is folding.  As a source of so much inspiration I’m truly sad.  I also learned that the website would also be going away as well.  I’ve been still dealing with the loss of Blueprint and now Domino?  Say it ain’t so.  I’m sharing one of my favorite features from the magazine turning an outfit into a room.



{images from domino mag; new discovered here }

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Bookclub: High Style


I saw this book over the weekend and just enjoyed what I saw and thought you might like it too.  It’s definitely a coffee table book and perfect for friends who want to live in High Style.

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Now many of you may have your tree up and glowing bright, but if you don’t and you need a creative way to decorate your tree, try these Paper Flower Ornaments. You can use a variety of color papers or identify a mix of patterns that you like and before you know it, you have a decorated tree.

{discovered here }

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I’m interested in this pretty picture on the cover and wonder what other loveliness is inside. Now I’m on the search to see it for myself. 

{discovered here; purchase your own here}

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Lovely Fabric

I’m in love wht the portobello style fabric from Rubie Green.  There’s a few other styles I’m lovin’ too see the whole collection here.

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Ork Posters

I love these Ork Posters.  I’ve seen them in so many design post displaying how they are  creatively used in home decor.  While my city isn’t represented, I’ll share some of my favorites.  Stay tuned to what new citites are released.


{all images from Ork}

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