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One little thing about me is I loooooooooove cupcakes.  Anytime I see a recipe for a cake or dessert and brown sugar is a prime ingredient, I’m on board.  Consider this recipe the perfect combination.

{photo + recipe discovered at marthastewart.com }

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I love strawberries and mascarpone, so if you combine these two items to make something sweet, I’m definitely on board. 

{recipe and photo discovered here}

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These look totally delicious and seem pretty easy to make.  Since its going to be rainy here this weekend this may be a great little baking activity.  The only problem is trying to prevent from eating them all 🙂

{discovered here, recipe and photo from here}

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I am such a fan of the blog Orangette.  The writing is wonderful and the recipes delicious so of course I wouldn’t think twice about wanting to add this book to my booklist.  I know that if it’s anything like this fabulous blog, it is wonderful.  If you’re interested learn more here.

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First I have to say, I know I know I’ve neglected this blog but it is due to being a bit busy not because I don’t have anything to post.  Today, I discovered this delicious and ingenious bread pudding recipe.  I believe my Dad makes the best bread pudding hands down, but what I like about this recipe is that you can make it in muffin tins.  Imagine serving this for dessert at a dinner party, the muffin tin makes it so much easier to individualize and it looks far prettier too {in terms of presentation}.  If your a skilled baker, I’m sure you could adapt your favorite bread pudding recipe so it too can be made in muffin tins.




{recipe discovered here via here, images from here }

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This delicious fall-themed dessert would be the perfect way to welcome the season.

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When I saw this recipe I thought, could I finally have found a recipe that allows me to have cinnamon rolls without all the hard work?  While I love baking, who has time to make cinnamon rolls from scratch?  Exactly neither do I, so this recipe just may be my way to have my muffin and eat it too.

{discovered here}

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