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calligraphy and hand lettered lovliness.  I think I may need to look into some classes or just enjoy the work of others like this new discovery. It’s a custom calligraphy press stamp and the ideas of how to use this stamp are unlimited.



{found here}

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I was reading through my favorite blogs and found out that Classic Bride has launched a lovely business named SD Calligraphy.  If you are looking for calligraphy for your wedding, personal stationery or a couture map, visit SD Calligraphy, everything is wonderful.

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If you’re in love with the art of calligraphy like me, wouldn’t this excite you just a little bit?  Well-known calligrapher Bernard Maisner, has these oh so lovely umbrellas full of beautiful handwriting. 

{images from Bernard Maisner website}

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I could create lovely calligraphy like this.  I have seen many blog postings about Jenna Hein and just love her work and wish I could enroll in a calligraphy class to make such lovely creations.  We’ll talk more about calligraphy later.



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