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While I love my existing website, there can always be improvements.  I’ve been looking at the website, thinking about not just its functionality, but its brand, the look and the message I want to convey about People St. Clair.  I’ve traveled to the drawing board retooling the website to give it a bit more personality and the functionality and branding.  Of course a website truly is a work in progress so I hope this is the last trip to the web re-design lab, we know that websites grow and evolve.  

Of course with changes to the website, I will be changing all the other aspects of this little business.  More to come, for now, enjoy the site and visit the shoppe while we’re making some upgrades.

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We Are Live!

The website is now live.  I had a few glitches I needed to fix but we’re up and running.  Make a visit.  Sign up for our mailing list where you can receive special promotions and discounts.  If you’re interested in custom designs send us an email.  Visit www.peoplestclair.com

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I’m pleased to announce, the website is done.  Its taken some time to create.  I’m not versed in the code and technical knowledge needed to build a website, but amazingly when you put your mind to something you’ll be surprised at what you can do.  Visit www.peoplestclair.com .  Sign up for our mailing list and be one of the special people to receive promotions or sneak peeks to new things we’re creating here at  People St. Clair.

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