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I discovered this book here . After recognizing  the author of this book has created some of the loveliest wedding stationery , I had to add this to the bookclub list.  Find yours here.

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I’m interested in this pretty picture on the cover and wonder what other loveliness is inside. Now I’m on the search to see it for myself. 

{discovered here; purchase your own here}

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I remember watching Martha Steward a year or two ago and seeing the owner of Baked on the show featuring their red-hot red velvet cake for Valentines day.  Immediately after that show I visited the website and was so glad I didn’t live near them or I would have made multiple visits to their bakery.  Well, Baked has a new cookbook called Baked: New Frontiers in Baking.  Full of wonderful recipes, it’s the perfect gift for that friend of yours who loves baking.

Like you need more pictures of sweets here are some other lovely sweet things…

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Bookclub: Deluxe

I first read about this book, Deluxe How Luxury Lost its Luster, through the blog Toast and Tables. I added it to my long list of books to read well I’ve finally started reading it and have liked what I’ve read.  It is full of insight on well known luxury fashion labels.  

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