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Since my photo file is full of photos for inspiration, blogging and all other things in between, its not uncommon for me to think I’ve talked about something only to learn its just waiting in the wings ready to be posted.  I’ve shared with you my new found interest in the blog milk and cookies. Now, I have to share with you this delectable sweet treat that is a twist on the classic strawberry shortcake.  Now if I can only find time to make it myself. 

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The one thing about starting a business is that with each twist ad turn down this exciting journey, we realize that some things need to be redone.  This blog is going to go through some changes, not just in design but also in content.  So please pardon our dust.

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If you hadn’t noticed…

We like to change the theme style of this blog frequently.  I’m trying to find one that feels right and since my web building skills are just enough to be dangerous, I haven’t figured out yet if I want to do more updates and stylize this page with a few more custom touches.  As we ponder our design direction, don’t mind us if we alter the design every once in a while.

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