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If you’re looking for something sweet for the holidays to share with friends or family, these Chocolate Pecan Cheesecake Bars would be perfect.  You can find the full recipe here .


{ photo and recipe from here}

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This week, Design Crush has featured one of my favorite ingredients… Caramel.  I will say that if there is caramel in any dessert, I’ll eat it.  When I saw this totally delicious Caramel and Cream Layer Cake I had to feature it as a Bake Off recipe.  Plus, its fall inspired–that’s for those of you who need a reason to indulge your sweet tooth 😉

{recipe and photo from here; featured here }

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 While perusing Not Martha , I stumbled upon these. As we all know anything sweet will defintely stop me in my tracks but these are just so adorable I had to put them on my list of “must bakes.” Now, me and my experimental side wonders… could I do this with peach cobbler? Hmmm. I’ll keep you posted, until then enjoy and bake as well.

PS. For all you hip hostesses out there, this would be a delightful dessert for a dinner party.

{image from not martha}

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Bake Off

Ok, so this isn’t about paper.  Its about cake, and my love for cake is what has me drooling over this peanut butter cup cake I discovered over on Bakerella’s blog

{image from bakerella’s blog}

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