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Ok, I’ll be honest.  When I saw these pictures on one of  my fave blogs.  I thought if I saw this on the shelf I’d put it in my basket just on the packaging alone, and I’d hope the products would be good.  It’s ok, I know you’d do the same thing too.  It will be our little secret.


{ discovered and photo from here}


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I’ve recently been inspired by vintage labels.  After seeing a slew of post about vintage lables like this one, I’ve been drawn to vintage labels and packaging and how to tie that into stationery designs.  One ideas is using vintage labels as the inspiration for Save the Dates.


 {sources: here; here and here}

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I’m in love with packaging of Lucia Soaps.  The patterns are wonderful and give the product a personality that matches the scent of each soap.  On a stationery design tip, wouldn’t these patterns be perfect to use as the background to an announcement or invitation?  Maybe as the back of a personalized notecard. 

{discovered here and here}

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I love good and creative packaging.  When I saw the packaging design for This Water,  I loved the simplicity of the design but also how creative it was with the mix of text and graphic images.  Now I’m no expert on packaging design but I will say if I saw this product on the shelf in my local grocery store, I couldn’t help but make a purchase.

{discovered here}

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I’m in love with a pattern, it doesn’t matter how simple or ornate, I love it!  When I saw the packaging by Petite France I did swoon just a bit.  I love the simplicity of the black lettering on a white bag but then when its turned to the side it reveales a fun and playful pattern. 

{photo and packaging discovered here *one of my primary sources for inspiration}

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When I saw the packaging for Linnea Candles I swooned at the swirls and curls the loveliness of this packaging got me thinking couldn’t this be great inspiration for a Save the Date card or other wedding packaging like favor tags?

{photos and inspiration from here}

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Ok, this is by far the most creative candy packaging I’ve seen.  If you’ve seen anything better please share I’d love to see them.

{discovered here}

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