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I discovered this book here . After recognizing  the author of this book has created some of the loveliest wedding stationery , I had to add this to the bookclub list.  Find yours here.

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I discovered this great organization idea here, but it was originated here.  I couldn’t resist posting about how easy of a do it yourself project this would be.  Plus, if you’re like me trying to keep track of receipts, notes and other little pieces of paper, this is a perfect and stylish way to store all those little things.  Try it for yourself.

{photo from here}

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I’ve seen a lot of blog postings and buzz around this screen printing system YUDU.  Now, I have a Gocco that I love and I’m curious about this…

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I saw this lovely little Valentine  here as the Freebie of the Day and thought how this would make such a great Valentine for friends.  It’s unexpected, creative and fun.  If you’re feeling extra crafty you could create your own template or make  one that any kid can share with classmates.  To go beyond Valentines day, this would be a lovely little item for a shower or birthday party too.  To create some valentines of your own visit here.

{image from martha stewart}

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Now many of you may have your tree up and glowing bright, but if you don’t and you need a creative way to decorate your tree, try these Paper Flower Ornaments. You can use a variety of color papers or identify a mix of patterns that you like and before you know it, you have a decorated tree.

{discovered here }

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Lovely Knitting Goodies


After seeing this image here . How can you not be inspired to start knitting?  Plus who wouldn’t want to receive a lovely little package of goodies like this?

Find yours here.

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I saw this project on Once Wed and besides thinking that they come up with such great things for you to do yourself, I also thought how these crepe paper medallions could be used for gift tags on party favors or gifts for any occassion. I also thought this would be such a great project for my niece and I to do but I’m sure I’ll probably do all the work and she’ll take the credit 🙂

{image from Once Wed}

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