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would this font be perfect for invitations?


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I’ve seen a lot of blog postings and buzz around this screen printing system YUDU.  Now, I have a Gocco that I love and I’m curious about this…

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I just learned that one of my favorite magazines, Domino, is folding.  As a source of so much inspiration I’m truly sad.  I also learned that the website would also be going away as well.  I’ve been still dealing with the loss of Blueprint and now Domino?  Say it ain’t so.  I’m sharing one of my favorite features from the magazine turning an outfit into a room.



{images from domino mag; new discovered here }

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So it’s been busy here.  I’m dabbling in a few wedding invitation designs for friends which has been exciting and working on some lovely everyday stationery so excuse the minimal postings.  Here’s a peek at some new additions to the personalized stationery to be added to the store in the next few days.  I’m also thinking about some great things for those of you who read this blog. 


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Coming Soon to the shop.  New fill-in invitations and flat notes, that can be personalized or left as they are.


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I saw the lovely quilling work of Yulia Brodska here  and just couldn’t stop looking.  Everything  is just intoxicatingly lovely.  Definitely check these wonderful pieces of art out.

{photos from here and here}

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at the moment with hand lettering, illustration and packaging.  I think its the holidays and me brainstorming ideas for some handmade holiday cards.   Isn’t this a conversation starter? 


Now do you see why I’m a little obsessed, I would love to be able to create something lovely like this.

{discovered here }

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