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Yes, its been a bit busy as I’ve mentioned numerous times before, now that we’ve wraped up a few projects, I’m still working on new items to add to the store. 

Meet Monika


look for these items to start appearing in our shop in May.

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We’re entering the wedding waters and starting with bridal shower invitations.  The first one to hit the shop is Stephanie.  We’ll be adding more to the store in the coming days.p1010147

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The Calling Card.  Sure many companies create them and yet you may wonder what they’re used for or why even have them at all.  Well, a calling card is the social equivalent to a business card. Sure it does hold a bit more traditional history being used for illustrating services, hobbies/pasttimes. Now, calling cards can be used for social networking, mom’s and babies sharing info for playdates to just all around chic and stylish way to express who you are. 

 A calling card will be more decorative, less corporate, streamlined and definitely has a bit more personality.  Now while many will use their business card for social and business affairs, there are a few of us out there who want a little more creativity put into our card.   Because of that you have a calling card.  Of course we too have a line of calling cards we’re testing and almost ready to fully release.  Here’s a peek at some of our designs {you know I can’t keep it secret}  If you’re interested in ordering one of our designs email us at info@peoplestclair.com .


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When planning a wedding, birthday party or any type of celebration it is always important to think about a theme.  Themes guide how the party is designed and gives your event a cohesive look.  There are plenty of wonderful blogs that provide insight into planning any event and many of those blogs and even event planners will tell you the create an inspiration board.  Well, when it comes to creating custom invitations for your event, an inspiration board can go a long way.  When we’re designing invitations for any event we want to know if there is a theme, a mood, tone you would like to set with your event.  We too, have loads of questions and we too can be guided by pictures that inspire you.  As you plan even regardless of the event, think about the things that inspire your theme and share those with us.  

{inspiration boards created by psc-top “white hot bridal shower” ; “Harlow”; “Black,White&Chic”}

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Get Customized

Who doesn’t like their name on things?  When it comes to stationary, while there are plenty of designed cards that you can send it is also good to have something with your name on it.  For our customized line we’re planning to have a series of note cards, thank you cards, calling cards,  bookplates and letterhead too.  Here’s a peek at a few ideas we’re playing around with. 

custom design

When you customize it can be traditional in style and design or modern, whimsical whatever you choose.  Do not think that when you customize or stamp your monogram on stationary you’re limited to a specific type of design. 

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