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Who doesn’t need a go to cook book full of dessert recipes that don’t require a lot of time to create?  This one would be perfect.


Plus there are some recipes in this book that make it look like you worked for hours in your kitchen when you really didn’t, but that will be our little secret.

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Bookclub: Hue

Here’s a book I’m looking forward to checking out.


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I discovered this book here . After recognizing  the author of this book has created some of the loveliest wedding stationery , I had to add this to the bookclub list.  Find yours here.

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Bookclub-Valentino a Grand Italian Epic

I love all things fashion and I’m often inspired by the creative visions of well-known designers from their choices of color, pattern and how they create such fabulous attire.  When I stumbled upon this book Valentino: A Grand Italian Epic, I thought this would be a book I’d love to have on my coffee table for endless amounts of inspiration.

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It’s true, I can’t resist cookbooks and ones that involve baking take a lot of will and strength to not purchase.  This cookbook looks like it can produce a bunch of delicious recipes.  Check it out.

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There are two decorating books that caught my eye that I wanted to share.  Its usually when the weather’s warmer that many think about redecorating.  These books may provide some inspiration. 

Glamour: Making it Modern


Easy Elegance: Creating a relaxed, comfortable and stylish home


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I remember reading a feature about this bakery  a few years ago and loving the concept of their bakery especially since I know a few people who would finally be able to enjoy all the sweet treats without compromising their diets or deal with allergic reactions.  Then I saw  their brownies featured on Martha Stewart and now there is a cookbook and it’s on my list.

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