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If you’re hosting a dinner party, shower, or any other celebration these would be such a delightful treat.

{discovered here, recipe and photo here}

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In celebration of Cinco de Mayo tomorrow these cupcakes would be a sweet treat for a weekday celebration.

{photo and recipe discovered here}

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One little thing about me is I loooooooooove cupcakes.  Anytime I see a recipe for a cake or dessert and brown sugar is a prime ingredient, I’m on board.  Consider this recipe the perfect combination.

{photo + recipe discovered at marthastewart.com }

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I love strawberries and mascarpone, so if you combine these two items to make something sweet, I’m definitely on board. 

{recipe and photo discovered here}

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These look totally delicious and seem pretty easy to make.  Since its going to be rainy here this weekend this may be a great little baking activity.  The only problem is trying to prevent from eating them all 🙂

{discovered here, recipe and photo from here}

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I know it’s been a minute since I did a bake off feature, don’t fret.  This time we’re talking chocolate… lots of chocolate.  A few recipes filtering through the blogosphere comes from Gourmet magazine and when I saw one of these I thought how decadent and delicious this would be and how I would have to run 3 miles to combat any weight gain from this indulgence.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or looking for something yummy to make anytime think about these… Chocolate Griddle Cakes with Chocolate Sauce .  All I can say is YUM!  If this chocolate treat doesn’t suit your fancy don’t fret there are plenty of other delicious recipes in the Chocolate dessert gallery for Valentine’s day

ps.  the Mexican Turtle Chocolate Mink looks delicious.

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Ok, the Holidays may be over, but that does’t mean delicious desserts like the Grand Raspberry Trifle cannot be made.  I love a trifle and this would be perfect for a dinner party with friends or maybe even for a New Year’s celebration.

{recipe and photo found here}

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