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After looking at the pictures of this mouth watering bread, I thought this would be perfect to give to friends and family over the holiday season.



{image and recipe found here}

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I need…

a better camera.  I made that realization as I tried to shoot some shots of a Save the Date I created and wanted to share here and post to my re-worked website and the shots came out horrible.  Anyone have some cost effective camera suggestions?

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I’d buy this




and this…



{all images discovered here}

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I’m interested in this pretty picture on the cover and wonder what other loveliness is inside. Now I’m on the search to see it for myself. 

{discovered here; purchase your own here}

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Where I was this weekend

Paper Source.  It opened here in Charlotte and I like others who crowded the store couldn’t be more delighted.  I filled my basket with all types of stuff  {I think it was just my excitement from seeing too many goodies all at once}.  Then I calmed down and focused on a project.  Holiday Cards and Invitations for my niece’s birthday party.  And I left with a whole bunch of  these


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Lovely Knitting Goodies


After seeing this image here . How can you not be inspired to start knitting?  Plus who wouldn’t want to receive a lovely little package of goodies like this?

Find yours here.

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If you’re looking for something sweet for the holidays to share with friends or family, these Chocolate Pecan Cheesecake Bars would be perfect.  You can find the full recipe here .


{ photo and recipe from here}

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I love this black and white photo and felt inspired to create a board around it. Enjoy

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I saw this project on Once Wed and besides thinking that they come up with such great things for you to do yourself, I also thought how these crepe paper medallions could be used for gift tags on party favors or gifts for any occassion. I also thought this would be such a great project for my niece and I to do but I’m sure I’ll probably do all the work and she’ll take the credit 🙂

{image from Once Wed}

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Be Inspired

It’s been a while since I’ve done a board of images that inspire me so enjoy.


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