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It really is all about the packaging.  Great packaging can inspire a lot of great ideas.  I have always been a sucker for good packaging but have also been equally inspired by packaging when it comes to my designs of invitations and other paper goods.  From a great package design my creative wheels start turning and I begin to think about new ways to communicate creatively about a party, wedding or shower invitation.  Here are a few recently that I’ve been inspired by…


{inspiration comes from here}


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This week, Design Crush has featured one of my favorite ingredients… Caramel.  I will say that if there is caramel in any dessert, I’ll eat it.  When I saw this totally delicious Caramel and Cream Layer Cake I had to feature it as a Bake Off recipe.  Plus, its fall inspired–that’s for those of you who need a reason to indulge your sweet tooth 😉

{recipe and photo from here; featured here }

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