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Well I guess you could say I had a lot of wishful thinking this weekend, in terms of the website.  Nothing has launched yet but many lessons have been learned so as promised {partially}  I’ve included my quick biz tips on when you’re building a website yourself.  Some lessons learned personally and others just basic things to remember.

1. Inexpensive or Free sites or services always come with catches.  It all goes back to the thought that there is no such thing as a free lunch.  Whatever is free you will ultimately have to pay for.

2. Make a plan.  Determine how you want your site to look.  The information you want to include.  Do all of this before you start putting the pages of your site together. Having this plan will make creating your website a lot easier.

3. Templates do help (sometimes).  If you’re not web savvy, and your website provider provides a selection of templates Use them, it will make building your site a lot easier.  If you want a bit more customized site some web providers offer these type of templates or the programs to build it yourself, but if you choose this route make sure the software provided is easy for you to use.

4. Solicit all friends with any graphic design and web design skills.  Barter your services for theirs.  Believe me it will make your life a lot easier.  Plus what will take you days to do takes them minutes.

5. Patience is really a virtue when it comes to creating a website.  It’s not going to happen overnight and it takes time.  If you want to have someting filling your website space put up an information page with contact info, a picture and brief information about what you do.  If you have a store that’s up and running include that link or set up a mailing list sign-up.  This will give you the time to create the site you want while not worrying about having empty space when people search for your website. 

6. You can always add pages.  If you don’t have one of those pre-set page limits, you can always add pages if you realize later that you need to add information that is continuously requested.

7.  Make important information easy to find.  Your website should be easy to use and provide all the information your visitors are looking for without doing a lot of searching.  It will only frustrate those who visit your site.

8.  Proof and Edit  have someone check out your site for any type of errors in spelling, grammar etc.  Since you are so familiar with all this text its easy to miss little things so have a friend or family member just read through it.  Plus you can also ask them what they think of the site once they’ve read it they can also give you valuable feedback.

9.  Make a general email box.  Most sites give you a certain number of email boxes.  Make one that catches all your solicitations, inquiries etc and create more specific email addresses for other areas of your business.

10. Once you’ve launched your site make a plan of how frequently you will update it.  Some sites require continuous updates while others are little less frequent.  Based on your business think about this so that you can set up a working system that enables you to do this.

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A loooooong time ago {or what feels like it} I announced my web launch.  Then after a series of kinks that reappeared after the launch I took down the website decided to re-design the site.  Well… I can say that if all goes well, I’m hoping {really cross your fingers}  I will launch the website.  I’m so excited, because I feel this website tells more about who People St. Clair is and the love we have for paper and design.  Now… there will be  a store but that link will come shortly after {new kinks-the joy of runny a business :)}  but the store will launch shortly after the website has launched.  We’re so excited and can’t wait for you to see it.  Sorry… no sneak peeks this time for once I’m going to try and keep the secret. 

Stay tuned… over the weekend I’ll share a list of Website building lessons I’ve learned through this process….

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If you hadn’t noticed…

We like to change the theme style of this blog frequently.  I’m trying to find one that feels right and since my web building skills are just enough to be dangerous, I haven’t figured out yet if I want to do more updates and stylize this page with a few more custom touches.  As we ponder our design direction, don’t mind us if we alter the design every once in a while.

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How do you plan to announce your wedding, the new bundle of joy or that you’ve moved?  Sure you can send an email to family and friends sharing your wonderful news, but why not add some flair to your announcement?  Why not have a simple, stylish announcment to share your great news.  Here are some samples of how we at People St. Clair like to make birth  announcements.  {next we’ll share move announcements and save the dates}


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It’s been a minute since I last shared a font fave with you.  This one is called Buffet Script.  It’s perfect for invitations, signs, or announcements.


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Back On Track

So here’s what we’ve been up to….

  • The email is back up and we’re now back on track {receiving a healthy slew of junk email too}
  • we’ve created some new calling cards
  • we’ve created some lovely flat note cards
  • looking for great things to share with you in addition to our new designs.

PS… we’ll now start posting new product designs and other lovely creations in  the “design proofs” page. 

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Web+Email Trouble

The joys of running the business go far beyond just designing lovely things.  If you have sent emails to info@peoplestclair.com Thanks, unforunately many of those emails have been delayed or lost.  So if you’ve inquired about calling cards or other lovely papergoods please email me at peoplestclair@yahoo.com.

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