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There’s something lady-like and lovely about this font.  Wouldn’t this be lovely for personalized stationery or maybe a wedding shower invitation?  I think so too.  Find it here.


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Really there is nothing else to say just enjoy this lovely font.


{image and font found here }

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This lovely font is full of charm.  I think it would be perfect for a garden inspired wedding or shower.


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Since I have a weakeness for fonts filled with swirls and swashes, this font of course has to be on my list.

{image from here}

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It’s fresh, playful, and can be used in so many different ways, how can you not have a crush on this font?

{image and discovery here, more info here and here}

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There is something that is so charming about this font.


{discovered here}

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Font Crush: Ronita


This font is simple, sweet and can be used in so many different ways like invitations, stationery or a calling card. Don’t you agree?

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besides  butterfinger being the name of my favorite candy bar,  I love this font and think it would be perfect on a kids party invite designed in a poster style.

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It’s true… I have a little obsession with fonts.  It’s right up there with my obession with shoes and handbags.  When I got the link to this site.  I lost my mind.  Not only is this one of my favorite type (font) designers but the discovery of the sight where I can swoon for hours on end at the lovely strokes and curves of these fonts, all I can say is Thanks.  Actually my thanks really goes to Suffix Abuse for allowing the gateway to be opened and revealing this lovely link. 

Here’s a sampling of one of my new favorites Plumero

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When I see this font I want to use it to write a lovely handwritten style invitation.  Maybe a baby shower, or wedding shower.  Ideas abound.

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